About us

FFI PhilAsia, Incorporated 

Family Foundations International PhilAsia is committed to delivering to God His inheritance in the saints. That inheritance is YOU, understanding your identity and living and fulfilling your destiny in Christ! 

Based in Bacolod City Negros Occidental, FFI PhilAsia offers a variety of engaging informative and life-changing seminars in the Philippines and in Asia.

Our Seminars


Transforming Families, Blessing Generations


We want to see: Individuals, families and communities transformed by God’s culture of blessing, empowered to fulfil their destiny in a love relationship with the Holy Trinity.


  • To proclaim God’s Ancient Paths – eternal patterns, principles & structures for living  (Jeremiah 6:16) 
  • To cooperate with the Holy Spirit in conveying truth to each heart. 
    (John 5:19)
  • To promote and defend God’s plan for marriage and family
  • To facilitate life-changing experiences with God.  (John 8:32)
  • To provide tools that help equip the Body of Messiah to deliver to the Father His inheritance in the saints.  (Ephesians 1:18) 

Our Milestones

In 2001, Craig Hill came with his international team and established the Philippine National base in Bacolod City through the Baptist Conference Church of Bacolod, Inc., (BCCB - Ikthus).  The local chapter was thus birthed with the Senior Pastor and his wife, Joe & Marilou Ascalon serving as its first National Coordinator.  The local chapter was subsequently incorporated as Family Foundations International PhilAsia, Incorporated. (FFI-PhilAsia, Inc).    In 2002,  couple William and Ruby Su were then appointed as National Coordinators and spearheaded FFI PhilAsia until William's demise in 2020 that left Ruby to carry on the helm up to the present. 

Since its inception, the FFI PhilAsia had conducted seminars throughout the Philippines as well as training teams throughout Asia Pacific and beyond.  Thousand of individuals, parents, children, couples and families in general have received varying degrees of healing and restoration, including, pastors and ministers and their families. With the advent of lockdowns etc ZOOM seminars are now undertaken and geographic locations are no longer a hinderance to attending a seminar.  Inset photo is our March 2024 School Of Ministry Facilitators Training Graduates who are now active in the family ministry with our seminar coordinators and facilitators.


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Family Foundations International PhilAsia

 Ruby Su

Chief National Coordinator,  Ruby is the driving force behind the ministry team. She loves to keep her hands full by coordinating seminars around the country, participating in the development of the team and school of ministry. resulting in real life change for many as participants are ushered into their true identity and destiny in Christ.

Lidj Arbolario

Lidj loves taking on challenges. With her multi-year experience as National Seminar coordinator/Facilitator in FFI PhilAsia, she has helped the team to get where it is today. Lidj is among the best trainer for ministry.

Tina Rivera

Based in Manila, Tina is one of the Seminar Coordinators who can say they love what they do. She mentors AP Seminar facilitators and looks after the coordination of Luzon based AP Seminars..

Raffi Catalan

Raffi, with his National Office Administrator  experience, helps us understand the statistics, numbers and harmonize them. He is determined to drive ministry activities, and AP seminars to grow the reach of AP ministry nationwide.

Ptr. Rogil & Jaja Apostol

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Seminar Coordinator and Facilitators

Sara Francoise Vial

Missions Liaison Officer

Seminar Coordinator Trainee and Facilitator

Minerva Constantino

Office Admin Staff
Ministry Coordination Support